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Jul 9, 2007

Some of the stories you might have missed

The refugees from Africa are complaining. They want better accommodations and treatment. I would say to stop kvetching because no other country cares and no other country will take them in. Now, Israel is looking for ways to get rid of them. When other countries criticize us that we need to keep them for humanitarian reasons, I would suggest we check how many African refugees those other countries have taken in.

The IDF now works for the zoo.

There is still no basic bread in the stores. The bakeries are standing strong in their refusal to bake bread as long as the government refuses to allow them to raise the prices. The government has yet to find a solution, and today is the fifth day in a row that there is no basic bread in the stores. One can find fancy breads in the stores. Good thing I am trying to cut down on my intake of breads anyway...

Olmert and Barak are sparring with each other. Barak is threatening to vote against the budget cuts being proposed. Olmert is upset at him for playing both sides of the court. Barak is showing himself to be very wily and astute politically and is gaining support, for himself and for Labor, despite his not having done anything significant yet since he returned to the Defense Ministry. He is simply giving off an impression of professionalism and people are forgetting his role in the weakness of the northern border...

Arkady Gaydamak has announced the formation of his spanking new political party. This was a long expected move, after many of his philanthropic activities recently were determined to be a lead up of good press in anticipation of his forming such a party. The new party is being called Social Justice. He is hoping to cash in big on his philanthropy and win a lot of seats in the next government elections. At the same time, he claims to personally have no designs (yet) for the Knesset, as he still intends on running for mayor of Jerusalem.

Silvan Shalom is threatening to drop out of the Likud primaries race unless Bibi gives in to his wishes to delay them until after the High Holidays. It does not really matter because no matter how much time you give Silvan Shalom to prepare he has no chance of defeating Bibi for the leadership of the Likud. Silvan Shalom is a nobody who is married to a famous journalist. he has nothing on Bibi. The only problem is that by his dropping out, it makes the primaries look like a farce and Bibi does not want that. They will probably end up compromising on some date in the middle. As of now, if Shalom comes through and actually drops out of the race, that would pit Bibi against Feiglin, who would remain the sole opponent in the race. Feiglin would likely lose, but his standing and support have been moving up and gaining ground in the Likud and he might put forth a decent showing. He has said that, in contrast to previous elections, this time he would field candidates for Knesset seats, and not just run for leadership of the Likud and the PM position.

The State Prosecutor's Office is calling for a decision by the Attorney general regarding one of the investigations into Olmert's nefarious activities. The Attorney General will have to announce whether top open a formal investigation into Olmert's purchase of the home on Cremieux Street. To remind you, he purchased it well below market value and then helped the builder, using his connections, to get all sorts of permits. A formal investigation would complicate matters for Olmert and make working difficult. it is a good thing Olmert already reminded us a few months ago that he just shows up to work. To remind you - this is only one of the investigations pending into Olmert's activities.

And, most important of all, the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox have finally been handed their first loss of the season by the Tel Aviv Lightning. They lost the game 3-1. The Blue Sox remain atop the standings in the Israel Baseball League with a record of 9-1.


  1. Feiglin did field a candidate for a Knesset seat in the last election (Michael Fuah), he just did terribly:




  2. Rafi,
    Why are they geting in!! we need to seal the dam borders and not let em in to begin with.. israel and the US both need "order sealing 101"


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