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Oct 13, 2010

14 Year Old "Almost Rabbi" Speaks Out (video)

Bechadrei got an interview with Moshe-Raziel Sharifi, the 14 year old genius boy who is suing the Rabbanut to be able to have his semicha test reviewed and graded.

שריפי from bhol on Vimeo.

Mr. Sharifi (the father) points out that Moshe already has semicha from many rabbonim, and he lists a number of them, and they simply wanted to make it officially recognized by the Rabbanut, which is why he went to take the Rabbanut test.

Mr. Sharifi also disputes the claim that allowing Moshe's test would create a slippery slope that would eventually force the Rabbanut to accept Reform and women applicants. He says that he is among the biggest opponents to reform, and in Netanya he has fought the reform attempts to build a shul in  the city. Rav Amar and the Rabbanut, he says, do nothing to fight against the Reform.

Mr. Sharifi also says he hopes this will not go further, all the way to the Supreme Court. he hopes they will work out an agreement without it going that far. I would have liked the interviewer to ask him why he went to the Supreme Court and not to a beis din (to point out, the father is the one filing the case and dealing with it, not the boy). There are way too many frum Jews solving their disputes in civil court rather than beis din, and I don't understand why. Perhaps it points to how little authority beis din has today, and therefore how little standing it has even in the frum community.


  1. Why would someone claiming to be a "frum" yid sue (in a civil court yet) over semicha test anyway? Doesn't look like much of a glorious start to a career as Rabbi...

    Didn't this "genius" kid learn anything? Wisdom comes from age and experience, not just learning from books. Just because he can ace a test doesn't mean, as a FOURTEEN year old he can then offer any kind of wisdom or counseling to lay people...

  2. I give this kid credit he understands at the young age of 14 how corrupt the bais din system. Perhaps if he becomes a Rov he will do things differently

  3. for all of you yelling and kvetching about secular court.....Rav |amar never made that argument, the other rabbonim aren't either, and only bloggers are crying about it. Maybe he has a psak heter to do this? lots of other possibilities, but only the bloggers apparently know the black and white halacha of not going to secular court.

  4. which is why all I wrote about it is that I would have liked the interviewer to ask him why civil court and not beis din. I would have liked to hear him explain that he got a hetter, what the hetter was, why they gave him a hetter, etc. I didnt attack him for it, because I assume he did it properly, since he is a religious Jew.

    However, even with a hetter, I still express my dismay that we see so frequently religious Jews settling their disputes in civil court rather than in beis din. Even with getting a hetter, they should really be dealing in beis din (unless it is a situation that beis din is not equipped to deal with).


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