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Oct 21, 2010

Interesting Posts #214

1. RivkA needs your prayers.. Tehillim sign up on her behalf is here..

2. Churches vs Synagogues

3. Rabinfest

4. Coming To America

5. Marathon Man

6. Throwing Roses

7. Rabbis Friending Kids On Facebook

8. Happy Birthday

9. Cookbook Giveaway contest

10. Meeting The Starving Mother


  1. I’m surprised that the blog is reporting as fact that the starvin mother has a “type of paralysis” for which “treatment is only available abroad” and that it was caused by a “botched” medical procedure.

    What type of paralysis would that be?

    Is it not very interesting that a woman who has a history of afflicting her own children with bizarre medical ailments and injuries so as to elicit sympathy for herself would now exhibit a similarly debilitating condition that serves to draw sympathy towards herself?

    Is it not very interesting that once again, it was “caused” by doctors, who “botched” a treatment?

    And that the perpetrators are, once again, the Israeli (Zioninst) doctors. ANd that treatment is only available through the non-Israeli doctors?


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