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Oct 21, 2010


The Email Of The Day goes to an email responding to an email to the local neighborhood email list informing the public of some new graffiti painted on garbage cans in RBS B stating "Zionists Out!".

The email in response, that gets the EOTD award said that [to counter the anti-zionist signs] "people should paint on their own garbage cans "Zionists In!""


  1. I actually think that is one of the most offensive posts I have ever seen on the list and have no idea how he moderators decided it was okay to post.

  2. Of course, you don't have to automatically look at it negatively: "Zionists, (you belong) in the garbage!", but perhaps positively: "Zionists, in the garbage... to clean it out, and have a cleaner State!" :)

  3. it is offensive, but it was also funny (I thought so).

    moderators? if someone is subscribed and the email follows the formatting rules, the email will generally get posted without going through the moderator.

  4. no they always read them. but they don't always read them carefully.

  5. Actually, I sent an email to the list mods saying how inappropriate I thought it was and got he reply

    "It was read and did not see why it should be rejected. It did not
    seem inappropriate to the moderators. "

    (First anonymous)

  6. I read that and laughed out loud. I'd like to think that some practical joker actually put up posters just for the sake of setting up this punch line. Well played!

  7. Shouldn't the sign on the garbage can read "antizionists in" ?


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