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Oct 27, 2010

The price list of a haredi hafgana

A while back there was talk about, and a movement to, boycott the Eidah Haredis hecsher (I have not seen any recent updates about that movement and it's success or failure). In response to the calls, the Eida declared it ridiculous, saying that they do not fund protesters, they do not pay people to go to protests, people go on their own and boycotting the hecsher will not stop the protests because there is no money involved.

It might be true that the Eida doesn't pay people to go protest (or maybe not), but the fact that people do get paid, at least by people affiliated with the Eida, is now proven to be true. Despite the protestations of the Eida.

The WAP internet site of wap.haredim.co.il (can only be accessed by cellular connection) published, last night, a price list of a protest.

Those fundraising on behalf of the protesters have published a price list for their Satmar friends in London, so that they can choose what they would like to sponsor and send the appropriate amount of money.

That also means that in order to continue raising these respectable sums of money, they have to find or create provocations to justify their going out to protest.

They created a "Partnership Contract" in order to sell the merits of the protest. They even compare it to a "Yissachar-Zevulun" partnership..

The contract says: [This contract is] between those who protest and participate in the pain of the shechina that is caused by digging up the dead, and between those who carry the burden of the expenses.. This partnership is like "Yissachar-Zevulun", that each one does not diminish his portion, and each side gets merit from the whole thing, and has full partnership in all the cruel beatings and sitting in jail and other bitter afflictions along with laying in the hospital and the pain of tear gas, etc.

  1. For 720 Sterling Pound you buy full partnership in all the systems from the beginning of the summer of 5770 until the end which is close
  2. For 360 Sterling Pound you buy partnership for one day with the thousands of protesters
  3. For 180 Sterling Pound you buy partnership in a busload of protesters for one day (50 people)
  4. For 72 Sterling Pound you buy partnership of one person for one day, including all the pain and affliction he will undergo.
Hey - everything has a price, and a job is a job. And who said haredim don't work....


  1. This partnership is like "Yissachar-Zevulun", that each one does not diminish his portion, and each side gets merit from the whole thing,
    Any halachic source? iirc R'MF was quite clear that anything short of a full partnership is no a Y/Z partnership at all.
    Joel Rich

  2. the article quoting the contract/sign does not state a halachic source, but in the document they call it a full partnership..

    I always that Y/Z partnerships were only for learning Torah. not for just anything...

  3. Rafi,
    Correct but iirc R'MF goes further and says literally it is a pooling of total resources.
    Joel Rich


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