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Oct 31, 2010

Dmitry Salita for the title!

Orthodox Jewish Boxer Dmitry Salita is promoting his next match, which will be a world championship bout, for the International Boxing Association welterweight title.

Salita (31-1-1 16 KOs), will be fighting Mike Anchondo (30-3, 19 KOs) for the title in the Roseland Ballroom on December 16, 2010.

December 16 is a Thursday, so at least he learned his lesson from the title fight in England 10 months ago against Amir Kahn in which he was pounded into his first loss. The lesson being, not to fight an important boxing match after eating too much cholent in shul on shabbos morning at the kiddush.

In addition to the title match, the event will include two more boxing matches, with Jewish boxers - Ilan Kedem and Boyd Melson, along with a performance by Matisyahu.

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