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Oct 10, 2010

What to do when in risk of being lynched (video)

David Beeri ran over a kid when driving in the Silwan area. Beeri is director of the amuta "ELAD" which runs City of David and the archaeological digs. Beeri is by all accounts a good guy and not a rash or extremist settler, and he has generally good relations with Arabs.

Yet he is under attack as he was driving through Silwan and came upon a staged ambush - they had all the cameramen present and waiting for some good video - as a bunch of Arab kids were throwing rocks at cars. As they approached his car and prepared to throw rocks at it, Beeri says he froze and then realized his life was in danger so he sped up. He lost control for a moment and swerved, but regained control of the car. He hit two of the kids and kept on driving. he says the other option was to use his personal gun which he preferred not to do.

The video, which again shows that the attack, even though they were kids, was premeditated, also shows that his car windows were shattered by those little kids and little rocks, which shows how much danger he would have been in had he stuck around and let them attack him.

Beeri is now under investigation, but after the police saw the video they released him with guarantees, as the video indicates strongly that he did not run them over with intent, but to protect himself.

Oh, and one more thing - do Arabs not believe in ambulances? the kid was injured, possibly seriously after being hit head on by a car, and they try to stuff him into a car?


  1. Did you notice that:

    a) the kid tries to get up, but is pushed back down by the crowd, possibly trying to make him look more hurt than he was;

    b) the kid *is struggling against being put in the car that takes him away*, as if he's scared of the people doing this to him

    Just mentioning.

  2. I noticed that too, but didnt think anything sinister of it. it is common, from what I have heard, that victims of accidents try to get up and shrug it off and people should not let them because doing so could cause more damage and injuries. I assumed that is what was happening.

    The car thing was strange. they looked like they were stuffing him in. It looked to me like they were probably hurting this injured boy even more by treating him so roughly.


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