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Oct 14, 2010

The Eida Against Mayor Abutbol

Oops. The Eida Haredis is now upset at Mayor of Bet Shemesh Moshe Abutbol.

Ladaat reports that the local Bet Shemesh chapter of Toldos Avraham Yitzchak was celebrating a siyum of shas in a reception hall.

Abutbol showed up, uninvited, to honor the event with his presence. One of the gabbaim caught him at the door and asked him not to come in. The person who brought him insisted on Abutbol's participation, and pushed him in anyway and sat him down at the head table, "causing great distress to the whole community".

The Eida is publishing an announcement that Abutbol came uninvited and was asked to leave, so that nobody should suspect them of hosting him.

Bechadrei now has Abutbol's response. Abutbol says that he was invited to participate by one of the assistants of the Admor and he is the one who sat him at the head table.


  1. The Admor's assistant was actually sent to invite Bar-Abutbol, but mistakenly invited Abutbol instead.

  2. who is Bar Abutbol?

  3. Did Abutbol offer to pay for the whole event?

  4. Wanna,

    He is paying for all of their events with our tax increase!

  5. Wow, and they wonder why Moshiach isn't coming!

  6. I agree with Mikeage.

    I nominate BlackBeltStep for the Best Comment Ever Award (and if there isn't one, there should be).

  7. now if Eida actually would decide not to come to the voting booth the next time around....

    Anon 5:24 see Gittin 51


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