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Oct 11, 2010

Outsourcing the Mashgichim

The Rabbanut is revamping the kashrus system in an effort to make improvements. The revamping is in the system of the kashrus supervisers - the mashgichim.

The Rabbanut is moving to no longer employ their own mashgichim. Rather, they will outsource all that work to human resources companies. The mashgichim will now, if the law is passed, no longer work for the Rabbanut, but will receive their salaries from the human resource companies. The companies being supervised will pay the HR companies, and not the mashgichim or the kashrus agency.

This is expected to make an improvement in the integrity of the Rabbanut, as mashgichim will now be hired purely on professional grounds and not with protexia or nepotism. As well, the companies will not be able to influence the mashgichim.

The downside is this is that kashrut costs will rise a bit, as employing through HR companies will cost more.

Anything that improves honesty and integrity is good, but I dont see why they think that just because someone else is paying the salary the mashgiach is not corruptible. A bribe can always be paid directly to the mashgiach. The nepotism and favoritism issues might be solved by this, to a certain extent.

If this works out well, I assume this will lead to outsourcing government jobs in general. With all the politicians who have been on trial for hiring unqualified people -friends and relatives generally - this would be a good solution to that problem.

The question is at what point will this work be outsourced to India.....

1 comment:

  1. Rafi, I think the current situation is that the mashgichim are employed by the eatery and not the Rabanut. This is what causes the conflict of interest. I mean if you get your Boss in trouble with the Rabanut for kashrut violations you may not get your next pay cheque :-(


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