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Oct 12, 2010

Prayers Bring Down The Wall

Direct response? Coincidence?

While the archaeological digging in the plot in Yafo (Jaffa) continues despite finding ancient Jewish bones, the protests against the digging continue on a daily basis.

Yesterday, the group of protesters was davening, and suddenly a wall fell down. Not the Wall of Jericho, but a wall that was on the edge of the plot. The kablan had wanted to remove the wall, but was not permitted to by the Antiquities Authority. As the group of protesters was davening against the diggers, the wall suddenly collapsed and fell on top of a row of cars belonging to the archaeologists causing a lot of damage.

Kikar has some video (and more pictures) talking to Aharele Yaktar about the incident. The digging is going on as though nothing happened, so even if some of them believe that this was a result of the prayers, they seem to be ignoring it in practice.

So, was the wall collapsing direct punishment as a result of the prayers? Was it the result of perhaps heavy machinery doing damage to the whole area and weakening the structure and it was just a matter of timing when it would fall? Was it just coincidence? If their prayers are so powerful that they can cause this to happen, how come they aren't powerful enough to stop the digging?


  1. To answer your last question, that is because humans have bechira.

  2. This can be seen as a sign that the digging should continue.

    The archaeologists were inconvenienced. (Insurance should pay for their cars.)

    The protesters obviouly did not gain, especially in view of the fact that digging continued.

    The kablan got something tangible and favorable to him out of it - a wall which he wanted to remove but was not allowed to was removed for him, free of charge.

    So this can be taken as a sign from above that the project should continue.


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