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Oct 20, 2010

Magen: Local Man Arrested

Last week I posted a guest post from Magen entitled "Why that man takes a certain interest in my child". The post included, and was mostly based on (I think), the following piece, "There have been several cases in Bet Shemesh/RBS in recent weeks of charismatic men who have a Pied Piper influence over kids, some of whom they allegedly have molested. The kids' parents were aware of the 'specialness' of the relationship, even the peculiarity, but were not aware of the risks."

That piece touched some nerves, and a number of people thought, and suggested, that the article was not based on reality and was just fear-mongering. How do we know there really is such a person lurking around? How do we know this or that? How can you say something like that publicly without giving more details? Etc.

This post, is a follow-up post based on the original. A local man, the person, or one of the people, who was the subject of the previous post, was arrested a few days ago. The post, and any information put out by Magen, is not fear-mongering, but is based on very serious issues and details, and when they make a public statement it is because there is a certain need for the public to be aware of a situation.

From Magen:

A Ramat Bet Shemesh man, approximately 60 years old, has been arrested on Nachal Dolev, relating to recent allegations of inappropriate behavior with children.

Anyone who may have information which can assist the police in their investigation is requested to call the Bet Shemesh police directly 9902222.

Magen, the Bet Shemesh child protection organization, can be contacted on 02-9997026 or by email magenprotects@gmail.com        .

My addition:
I don't know too many details of the case at hand but I do know some, a few, details. I don't know if he is innocent or guilty, though the accusation is pretty serious. Either way, parents stepped forward and filed a complaint based on what they saw happening to their child/children. It is very important, whether he is innocent or guilty, that other parents, if there are, who suspect their kids might have been targeted and preyed upon should step forward and contact the police directly or via Magen. If you have information proving his innocence that would also be very important to bring to light and tell the authorities.


  1. How can we provide any information if we dont know his name or which organisation he is from?

  2. The police have not released his name for publication.

    He is approximately 60 yo, anglo, lives on Dolev and is well known amongst local children.

    His name may be released next week.

  3. if you suspect your kid has been affected, you should be in touch with somebody anyway.

    Regardless, if you have suspicions but want to confirm before you proceed and deal with anyone in an authoritative position, feel free to contact me by email (or in person if you know me) and we can discuss it.

  4. where was the Magen statement/press release posted?
    I didn't see this in any of the local news listings.

  5. right here.. :-)

    what local news listings come out on a daily basis? it might get in to this weeks papers, if they find it interesting enough to write about

  6. so Magen is like some batman kind of guy - looks like any other joe jogging in the neighborhood or sitting next to you in a shiur but really he's out there catching the bad guys ;)

  7. daf - the issue isnt have you seen "this" guy walking around and report it if you did. he lives locally and many people have probably seen him anywhere around the neighborhood.
    The question is if your child has shown signs of issues, you should be in contact. if you are aware of someone your child is in normal contact who has suddenly disappeared, and you probably then know who it is, you will be more aware of things you should now look for.
    if you have suspicions about your childs situation and just dont know if it is relevant to this, be in touch with Magen (or me I guess) and we can figure out if it is relevant and how to proceed (I dont know much but I know enough about this that basic relevance can be determined)

  8. It's very helpful to have an organization like Magen available. Professionals who are unconnected to the accused, so that a family can seek advice, and not the actual police/legal agencies so the family can first explore and understand their options.

    Plus the very low-key style they have put forth, letting their presence be known but without fanfare or grand and public mandates, also helps people feel their inquiries will be handled with confidentiality and without any other agenda.

    Kol hakavod.

  9. Anon of 10:06,

    Quiet and w/o fanfare is how David Morris lives his life.

    He has dedicated himself to helping others in need, no matter what that need is.

    Through Lema'an Achai hundreds of families have received assistance with dignity and honor.

    Now through Magen our most precious resource, our children, will Be''H be safer.

    Yasher Koacha David!

  10. Kudos to David and Magen for their involvement with this and all of their other works on behalf of our community.
    In the discussion thread following their previous guest post, there was a call to clarify the exact nature of the threat (at least with regard to number of claims of this nature). That clarification never came, and this arrest does not bring us any close to a clear and comprehensive picture.


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