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Oct 25, 2010

Which cities do Israelis prefer?

According to a study conducted by Machon Roten TRI, 64% of Israelis prefer to live in the main large cities - Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. 33.3% want to live in Tel Aviv, 20.1% in Jerusalem, and 10.7% in Haifa.

The other end of the report has Petach Tikva coming in at 14th place with 3% of Israelis wanting to live there. Ranaana is desired by 8%, and Herzliya by 7.5%.

Bet Shemesh, Tiberias and Kiryat Motzkin close off the bottom end of the report as the least desirable cities in Israel, with less than 2% of Israelis wanting to live in these 3 cities.

As Rotem and Globes say, where someone wants to live does not necessarily mean much, as the desire to live in a secific place does not mean that person will live there. there are price considerations, along with other issues, that might push a person to buy and live in a city he didnt necessarily prefer, or preferred less.

The question is, what does a city do to move up on the list? How do cities like Bet Shemesh or Petach Tikva or Tiberias increase their level of desirability?


  1. 500 foot high air conditioning units that will cool down the whole city the entire year?

  2. Bet Shemesh has 2 huge strikes against it:

    1. Among native Israelis is has the connotation of "development town" (i.e. poor folks, less education, etc). I know a girl that grew up there and REFUSES to even consider thinking about moving there now with her family. Refuses! Some Israelis even call it "Bet Shimush" as a pejorative.
    2. A growing Charedi population that will very likely control the city council after another election cycle or two. This scares all the Chilonim away, and is also starting to scare many datiim (leumi) away. The nasty signs ("Please don't enter with immodest clothing", "Zionists out", etc) all over the place certainly don't help!

    It's a pity because it's really a very beautiful location!

  3. Like you say, what people want doesn't mean anything. PT is the #1 destination for young couples looking to buy, in a recent poll. Parts of it are slummy, but parts are gorgeous and affluent. THere are many private houses.
    People live here despite its reputation because a)family b) employment, many big companies are here, several hospitals, etc. c) convenience and public transport.
    I want to live in Jerusalem but that's not going to happen since my husband will never work there, among other reasons.

  4. why would he never work there?


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