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Oct 31, 2010

Pamela Anderson to meet with the Haredi MKs

With all the celebrities and performers who boycott Israel, any time a celeb comes and ignores the calls for the boycott, it is a measure of support to the Israeli public. Even when the celeb is one that goes by the name of Pamela Anderson, and she has her own agenda of trying to help push through the ban against importing animal furs.

The irony is that because the main opponents to the proposed ban on fur are the Haredi MKs, as such a ban would cause a problem for the shtreimel industry, Pamela Anderson wants to meet with the MKs from the haredi parties to try to convince them.

MK Ronit Tirosh, upon hearing about the planned meeting, said that while she is not sure that this is the meeting that will convince them to change their opinion, she is happy to receive such support for her proposed bill.

I wonder what persuasive tactics she will be using, and wait to see how persuasive she can be... I do know that if any picture is published from said meeting, that will definitely qualify, automatically, as the "picture of the day"


  1. She is meeting with the wrong people. It is the admorim and their advisers who need to be convinced.

  2. Vaad Rabbonei Shel Kupa Shel Kehilla Keren Leveren LevOctober 31, 2010 4:28 PM

    Perhaps she can appear on the next Kupat ha'ir poster. That would surely bring more donations!

  3. Where did you see this? Could you post a link?

  4. I am posting a broken link..fix it yourself if you wish to see the article that contains a pic of her on the side..

    h ttp://www.mako.co.il/news-law/legal/Article-19912c3cedffb21004.htm

  5. She'll have to wear a little more than that for this meeting....

  6. why no pic, rafi?

  7. This is priceless! can't wait to see the pics. will they make her wear the "shawl" or maybe two shawls? Rafi-you have to run a caption contest for this one1

  8. for sure.. and the shawl would have to be made of some sort of natural animal hair..


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