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Oct 11, 2010

Neturei Karta solves the Israel-Syria conflict

Sorry - I try to bring as little of the ridiculousness of the Neturei Karta as possible, but this one item from their email list just made me laugh and I felt like I needed to share it.

My translation:

Syria is interested in leasing the Golan Heights to Switzerland for 20 years in exchange for $1 per year for $1 per year. Syria leasing the Golan to Switzerland would be completely legal, as the UN recognizes the Golan as Syrian territory in all regards.

After the lease would be effected, Switzerland would request to be given all of the Golan from Israel. Israel would not be able to refuse and claim that it could not hand it over for security reasons or for any other reason, and it would have to withdraw from the Golan and transfer it to Swiss control.

Does that sound imaginary? True, right now Syria doesn't intend to lease the "Golan Heights", that is hers, not to Switzerland nor to anyone else, nor do we know clearly if international law would force Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights if Syria would decide to lease the land to another country like Switzerland..

If it were so, such a move would be serious trouble for the Zionists and their country, would complicate them with the whole world, and would weaken the strength of the deniers..

Our prayers for the immediate annulment of the Zionist state speedily in our days, amen.


  1. Can't wait until they're officially recognized as a terror organization and we can then treat them accordingly.

  2. I thought the internet was 'assur/usser" ! forbidden to use/not 'kosher'. Get a life folks before your precious wives, yes I mean that, precious wives give you a GET. Or u simply won't get a wife (ch"v) who'll put up with this sort of stuff.
    Does this give nachas ruach to your pre-decessors? I very much doubt it. Now, THEY were holy people. As for you, please do get back to Chumish and Rashi and see where it says: "Hokoyl - Koyl Yaa'kov!" Do beseech Hasem in ernest prayer and supplication.
    Am Yisroel needs unity! And that, you are sure to find in the beis hamedrash, if you really want.
    from a Yidishe Mama whose 'had enough'

  3. I have no idea what the anonymous comment means. can anybody explain?

  4. I think they are the only ones in this state who deserve to be transferred out, more even than the Arabs. Just get them on buses, and throw them into Gaza, where they will be warmly welcomed by their wonderful friends, and yet still live in Eretz Yisroel. maybe they could even mind the remains of Gush Katif, until we return, and then we can kick them into Jordan


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