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Oct 17, 2010

Pollard's sentence was based on a lie

According to Rafi Eitan, Jonathan Pollard's chief handler, in a radio interview on Thursday, the Americans were going to prosecute Pollard with a punishment of 10 years in jail. After the agreement, secret information was given to Caspשr Weinberger about Pollard's connections to the Soviets. They then changed the punishment to a life sentence.

Despite the Americans later finding out that that information had been a lie, they kept the life sentence.

Eitan has never been forthcoming or honest in his public dealing with the Pollard situation. Is he now?

I see that the Jerusalem Post is now reporting that based on Rafi Eitan's words, along with the words of Lawrence Korb, Pollard's lawyers have filed a plea for clemency because it is now out in the open and clear to everyone that his sentencing was based solely on lies and injustices.

What are the chances his plea will be granted?


  1. Rafi,

    Have you ever looked into the non-classified facts around his case?

    Such as he passed information to China, Pakistan, and South Africa as well as Israel?

    Or that he attempted to pass information to Australia and the Soviet Union, both of whom filed entrapment complaints against him, which is what got him caught?

    His plea agreement, which the judge decided to partially ignore, was that he would detail all of the intelligence he passed to those various nations(some of whom were enemies at the time) in exchange for only being convicted of spying for an ally(Israel).

    When you, and the JPost blatantly ignore such information that is a matter of verifiable public record, it does not paint Jews in a very good light. It makes it seem as though, because he also committed a crime for Israel and because he is a Jew, it doesn't matter what he did, he deserves a get out of jail free card.

  2. what get out of jail free card? he has already served more jail time than anybody else for similar crimes?

    and as Pollard says, they didnt ask for a pardon but for clemency, with the sentence reduced to time served.

  3. Some pretty find legal minds, including a US Appeals Court judge, have been saying for years that Pollard received unequal treatment. Presumably they, especially the judge, have also seen all the 'non-classified facts'.

    As for Rafi Eitan, he was one of the liers early on! He's the man who abandoned Pollard to his fate, and showed no remorse for his (in)actions. It's disgusting that a man like him would later be an elected official. He should have been booted to some back alley somewhere after how he treated his own operative. Rafi Eitan was only concerned about Rafi Eitan all these years.


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