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Oct 24, 2010


Isn't it amazing how the haredi news sites are all over the debate regarding Rav Motti Elon and the issues with the Takana Forum, yet they ignore the issue completely when the issue involves a haredi person...



  1. Much credit must be given to dati leumi community and to the rabbonim that they were willing expose one of their own. In the Charedi this would never have happened.
    Gafni made a terrible mistake and it will be interesting to se how he gets out of it. Going to new elections is not an option becasue the winds are against the charedi parties and they know it. Perhaps it will be a good thing if some charedi people go out to work and come in contact with some chilonim and they can be mkarev them.

    kol tuv,


  2. Sorry, I must have been sleeping - who are we talking about in the Charedi community?

  3. Hear No, See No, 2 Out of 3 Isn't BadOctober 24, 2010 6:18 PM

    The Charedi world doesn't talk about it because it doesn't happen in their community..don't you ever read Jonathan Rosenblum?

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Dear Rafi,
    I think you should consider taking this post down. It is possible that this post could lead to much loshon hora and motzi shem ra. Whoever put this up might have an agenda to hurt someone. The Forum Takanah deals with many cases that are much less clearcut than the Alon case unfortunately is. (I am aware of one such case. That may be the case this post is referring to. On that case the Forum was much less definitive in its findings, and many people familiar with the case, including educators, lawyers, and psychologists have serious doubts as well. It is nothing at all like the unfortunate Alon case.) I think you are unwittingly becoming part of a serious avlah. Please do more research before becoming part of a completely non-beneficial loshon hora-fest. It is one thing to bash chareidim in a general way, which some people use this blog for. It is quite another to mention a name (which could easily happen with a post like this), and have this name unnecessarily discussed and possibly vilified.

    For example, I happen not to be aware of anything regarding Shlomo Aviner and now his name was brought up in this context. That is completely unnecessary loshon hora (or motzi shenm ra), and your blog is now part of that.

  6. Allow me to clarify.

    You are quite right to criticize me for not clarifying.

    My apologies to Rafi for implicating him, simply because he was probably not on line to monitor his comments.

    Hebrew: http://aviner.net

    Only Beth Din documents and submitted testimony.

  7. on advisement from people who know much more than me about the Rabbi Aviner case (I know very little about it), I have decided to delete the original comment. The 2nd comment I am leaving up because it doesnt say anything really but points to a different site (which has historical value even if he has not given up the fight).

    I am told that Rabbi Aviner has been cleared of any guilt in the accusation against him. To continue stating the accusation as if it is current is dirty.

  8. Once again my apologies for any confusion and/or for Rafi's receiving of any due backfire from the mud-slinging.

    I will commit to being more careful (on your blog) when commenting.


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