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Jul 22, 2013

Chardak campaign not meant to incite violence

I think this pashkevil is important to be publicized..

The pashkevil was published by the person behind the "Chardak" campaign. The point he makes in the pashkevil is that the purpose of the campaign is to protest the charedim going into the army, and to impress upon the children that this is not acceptable and is not an option for them in the future. However, they do NOT condone the use of violence against any soldiers - the campaign is not inciting to violence and is not meant to cause violence. It is perfectly legal to scream whatever he wants about whomever he wants, and therefore the government has no business trying to stop the protest. They even say they have a lawyer involved in the campaign ensuring that whatever they do is legally ok.

Their lawyer probably told them they have to put out such an announcement, considering how inciting some of the imagery they used was. I wonder if this is lip service, or if they really mean it. I also wonder if it matters, if the signs they put out are full of inciting messages despite such a caveat. And most importantly, perhaps, whether it keeps them legally clean or not, does it really matter once people on the street are incited to violence, whether that was their intention or not?

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  1. Wow, he leaves his contact details!
    The print is a little small, so I can't see clearly (Rafi, do you have a clearer copy?) - but as far as I can tell, you can email him at chardakim@gmail.com or c800400@gmail.com, or phone him at 077 228 6282, to let him know what you think of his campaign or his disclaimers.

  2. Somebody here wants deniability.


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