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Jul 28, 2013

Interesting Psak from Rav Shteinman: Vacation issues

Bechadrei has posted some interesting questions about vacation asked of Rav Shteinman in the past days..

 - Can someone who has a non-kosher cellphone (iPhone and the like) or unfiltered Internet access at home be counted for a minyan?
 Rav Shteinman: even a mechalel shabbos can be counted for a minyan

  - What to do in order to merit not having a spiritual decline during the vacation?
 Rav Shteinman: learn a lot every day and plan to finish a small tractate during the vacation

  - Grandparents of married grandchildren that invite the entire extended family over for Shabbos, should he make a mechitza and keep men and women separate?
 Rav Shteinman: cousins are according to halacha able to marry and are not considered related, so they must be kept separate.

  - An avreich who was in a public area and a secular fellow attacked him and was beating him up - can the avreich scream curses mentioned in the Torah at the secular guy in order to chase him off?
 Rav Shteinman: of course it is allowed.

  - A kohen that lives in the center of the country where the priestly blessing is said daily, finds himself in the north where the priestly blessing is not said daily by ashkenazim - what should he do?
 Rav Shteinman: go to a Sefardic shul and do the priestly blessings there.

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