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Jul 23, 2013

Haredi MKs respond to passing of first reading of law drafting yeshiva students (video)

The first reading of the law for drafting yeshiva students into the IDF (aka "shivyon b'netel") was passed in the Knesset last night.. The Haredi MKs were understandably extremely emotional and extremely upset about it. Among the responses were MK Porush handcuffing himself to the podium, MKs Eichler and Gafni and others tearing their shirts in mourning, going out to say selichos, blowing shofar..

Here is some video of the Haredi antics... (I am surprised they found it so difficult to unlock the handcuffs..)

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  1. I had the zchut to listen to some of the filibustering pleas. The Shas members laid it plainly out in the open but Yesh Atid couldn't care to hear the facts about what their hate law is doing. Thank you Bennet.

  2. Did they do any cheshbon hanefesh / teshuva, to go along with the shofar blowing? According to the stories they told me in school, the latter without the former is pretty useless...

  3. Where was the handcuffs and the kria when the jews were being expelled from Gush Katif???


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