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Jul 15, 2013

Will Egged now let Haredim ride free?

Egged has come under a lot of fire for their recent campaign targeting the Haredi community stating that they must pay for their rides just like they pay for anything else. Egged says, and not for the first time, that the percentage of non-paying riders in the Haredi community is high.

They never said it is for malicious reasons, but the situation of  people getting on in the back of the bus or even in the front with a lot of kids makes them prone to not paying - it's crowded, they are harried with kids and bags or whatever, and they plan to pay shortly after but then forget. The Haredi community was insulted that they were targeted as if they are thieves and pushed back with threats to stop using Egged's services and even police complaints were filed against Egged for slander.

After a lot of pushback, Egged announced yesterday they are canceling the campaign in the Haredi community.

I think that means that Egged is basically agreeing in advance that Haredim do not need to pay for their bus rides.

Egged went on a campaign telling Haredim to pay, and when that was found to be insulting they decided to not insist Haredim pay. Doesn't that sound to you like they are agreeing Haredim don't need to pay? They are waiving their demand that Haredim pay.

From now on I ride Egged for free! I wonder if Superbus will adopt that policy as well...

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  1. Are you Charedi then?

  2. haha! wait until my later post coming soon to find out the answer to your question...


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