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Jul 30, 2013

Interesting Posts #505

1. Where is Cinema City in Jerusalem?

2. goodbye, Bet Shemesh

3. I am anti-religious, she says

4. marry us, America

5. the Israeli half-shabbos

6. a proposal for Modiin's future - a proposal about the Chief Rabbi position that needs to be filled in modiin now that Rabbi Lau is Chief Rabbi of Israel

7. the distraction of our phones in shul

8. kashrus alert from Rav Efrati

9. why we are taking our son out of cheider

10. does coffee need a hechsher? - not real coffee, but "the coffee room"..

11. the source for 'yomin al yemei melech' song for gedolim

12. I am rooting for Bennet this fall

13. tell a yeshiva boy thank you for your service

14. why do Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the IDF?

15. tell me something good..

16. Esser Agaroth on the Maccabiah Games

17. new rules of inheritance for Chief Rabbis in Israel

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