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Jul 14, 2013

Thank you Hamodia for this Letter to the Editor

This Letter to the Editor published in the Hamodia newspaper irked me when I first read it. After that a few people pointed it out to me. As it seemed to be "not just me", I decided that it deserved to be pointed out and made famous (if only I had that ability..).

Ahavas Yisrael for Everyone?
To the Editor:
I would like to raise a point regardubg a letter in Hamodia June 13th, where Mrs. Risha Deitscg says the mitzva of ahavas yisrael applies also to the non-religious. 
I would like to refer her to Q and A with Rabbi Avigddor Miller, z"l. He clearly states at the beginning of a chapter entitled Loving the Jewish Nation, that loving a Jew only applies those who share the commitment fo the Torah, ve'ahavta l'reiacha kemocha means those who are like you, in that you both serve Hashem. He further makes a harsh comment that people who say they like to also have ahavas yisrael for members of other Jewish movements, it's enough of a job loving our real brothers and sisters. He also notes that people who are not loyal to Hashemare not loved by Hashem even if they are a tinok shenishba. Says Rabbi Chaim Brisker, zt"l, "Nebech an apikores, is fort an apikores."
I am also not sure about your assumption of tinok shenishba, since these people know about yiddishkeit and choose to look into other things. I don't, however, want to stretch the letter and will rather just refer you to the sefer which we have talked about.
The message is clear that there is no mitzva to love these possible reshaim, and as it is mentioned in many gemaras, we may not make up our own mitzvos
With warmest regards,
Golders Green
Some people are just haters... 

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  1. And we stay in golus, the Beis HaMikdash remains unbuilt and the culprits say "Well it's not MY fault!"

  2. Why was Mrs. Deisctag telling us halakhah in the first place? Why did the Modi'a print it? Because feminism is alive and well, and disguised, within the Haredi communities.

    DY is absolutely right. So, following Torah, expecially when it's politically incorrect makes him a hater?

    Sure, it is up for debate as to the true status of the various individuals he mentions, and true, not being obligated to love someone does not preclude us from reaching out to that individual.

    Nonetheless, DY makes some good points, and the only counter argument I see here is name calling. I'm not at all against name calling. But, I do not use it as a halakhic counter argument, when that is what is called for.

  3. This is satire - right, no way that anyone wrote this letter seriously - right....

  4. Definitely satire.

  5. I have picked up Rabbi Miller's books on occasion, but I have learned not to, as I tend to put them down in shock after a few pages. How can rabbis spread such hatred? I don't understand...

  6. Esser Agaroth - That Avigdor Miller says something is not an halachic argument.

  7. I can fully beieve this letter. I am sorry to say but after listening to a small amount of Rabbi Miller ZTL"s tapes, I must say, while he was a tremendous talmid chacham, I have walked away many times shaking my head at the racist vibe and statements he said. I will give him the benefit of the doubt, as to the time period he grew up in and that he was i believe originally from Baltimore which is on the cusp of the south.

  8. I have to say I read that letter 4 times, and I am still not sure what the writer is trying to say.

  9. Its Genuine. it was published in the July 11 Issue.

    Here is the the original letter that the writer is responding to:

    Thank you for your coverage of Anat Hoffman and the Women of the Wall. Whereas in past generations we sat shivah for children who acted as Anat is acting, these days we are told that these are people with the halachic status of a baby who was kidnapped (tinok shenishba) and never taught what is right. Anat Hoffman is a tinok shenishba. I believe and I hope that with respect, and with ahavas Yisrael, we can communicate what is misguided about women putting on tefillin, women singing in public, women davening together with men, etc. But anger and hatred and sarcasm and scorn won't open her eyes. Just the opposite. They will help her grow her own anger and hatred towards chareidim. Memo from Department of Stating the Obvious: The mitzvah of ahavas Yisrael applies to the non-religious, also.

  10. What about Chapter 32 (LEV) of Tanya??

    1. What does it say in chapter 32 of tanya?


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