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Jul 29, 2013

No entry to iPhone owners

there is an increasing number of houses in RBS B that have such signs hanging outside them, stating iPhone owners, or owners of other phones, are not welcome in this house...

please, please, please, let me in!
Photo courtesy of Ephraim Gopin

every time I pass by such signs I wonder:
what is so desirable in this house that makes them think iphone owners are interested in going in to see? Why do they think I am interested in going in, that they feel they must explicitly uninvite me?

Now, I might be tempted to go in if they had unfiltered internet access available for everybody who dropped by. But, assuming that they do not, they have yet to tell me what I am missing, and what I would gain from their house if I would be willing to give up my phone..

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  1. "or owners of other phones" should be "or owners of similiar phones".
    BTW, there are quite a few signs like this in the Kirya as well.

  2. I love these signs! I had the ironic joy of taking pictures of them with my iPad and sharing them via email to my family in the States.

    It's a rather sad testament, though, to the need some people have to feel more "frum" than their neighbors. It's even more sad that they have to spend who knows how many shekel getting these signs made.

    And I want to know if they frisk you as you enter. Or what happens if they call Hatzalah? Inquiring minds want to know!

  3. ok, no more tzedaka and moas chitim delivered there

  4. So let me get this straight - thieves, thugs, rapists, child molesters... Eh. Live and let live, right?

    But me with my runkeeper and siddur apps? Lock the doors and board up the windows!

  5. Not sure of the significance of this.

    Is it possible that it's the work of one fool, who goes around putting these signs up and that not a single one of the tenants is willing to rip it down, lest people suspect him of having an iphone himself?

    1. I've seen them on balconies 4 or 5 floors up. How is this lone fool getting up there without the consent of the residents?

  6. Dovid - it certainly is possible. However, if that was the case they would probably be on all of the buildings (not likely that the fool is smart enough to do it this way for the sake of making it look realistic).

  7. Kikar reported that these same signs are being hung at Kivrei Tzaddikim in Tiveria and Tzfat and at the homes of Gedolim.

  8. It should also work in reverse. They should not knock on the doors of those owning iphones and the like to ask for money.


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