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Jul 28, 2013

Orthodox Boxer Yuri Foreman is back!

Yuri Foreman, the Lion of Zion, is back to his winning ways!

Orthodox Boxer Yuri Foreman had another bout last week in which he dominated his opponent, Jamaal Davis, and won. Foreman is making a comeback after 2 years off recovering from a knee injury, and he wants to make a run for winning his world title back.

from Brooklyn's Daily Eagle:
Unbeaten in his first 29 career fights, Brooklyn's own Yuri Foreman felt his right knee buckle in the ring in the biggest bout of his career.
It was the seventh round of his WBA super welterweight championship defense against Miguel Cotto during the headline event of the first boxing card at the new Yankee Stadium on June 5, 2010.
Though he was more than game to continue fighting on one leg, Foreman's trainer Joe Grier had seen enough, throwing in the towel during the eighth round.
Following the defeat, Foreman was asked if he hoped to continue boxing.
"I'm a world champion – now a former world champion – and you don't just quit ... A world champion needs to keep on fighting," Foreman insisted.
True to his word, the 32-year-old product of our borough's historic Gleason's Gym has done just that, and with impressive results.
In his third fight, and first eight-rounder, since taking more than two years off due to the knee injury, Foreman scored his latest decisive win in the ring, taking a unanimous decision from Philadelphia's Jamaal Davis on Wednesday night at Manhattan's Roseland Ballroom.
By winning each and every round, the former champion put himself into position to move back into the upper echelon of 154-pound pugilists, though he has not yet indicated whom he'll be fighting next.
Since losing to Cotto, Foreman, known as the first Orthodox Jew to hold a world title in the ring since Barney Ross in 1935, has won a pair of local bouts, including a six-round decision over Brandon Baue in New York City back in January.
In his first fight after his knee surgery, Foreman (30-2, 8 KOs) lost to Pawel Wolak at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. But even that defeat didn't stop the former New York Golden Gloves champion from pursuing his lifelong dream.
Now boxing under the flag of DiBella Promotions, Foreman hopes to continue his quest to recapture a world title in the coming months.
Remembering how bravely he continued to fight on one leg against Cotto that fateful night in the Bronx, it's hard to bet, or root, against the man with the Star of David emblazoned on his trunks.
Even ESPN gave Foreman a good review and says he is ready for a comeback and is back to his peak performance level.

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