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Jul 28, 2013

Quote of the Day

.. this week we also passed in the Knesset, it's first reading, the "Sharing the Burden" law. The Haredim, understandably turned the discussion into a circus, during which they sang and danced, blew shofar, tore their shirts, and at the height of the event MK Porush chained himself with handcuffs to the Knesset podium. The ushers worked hard and were able to release him, but I want to say as a liberal supporting the rights of citizens, I protest that strongly. If Porush wanted to chain himself to the podium with handcuffs, he should have been left there...

... I admit that I was not especially involved in the elections for the Chief Rabbinate, but the selection of 2 Orthodox rabbis disturbs me. There are other streams in Judaism - Knitted Kippa, Reform, Conservative and others - it is a shame that now we will have 10 more years of stagnation

  -- Minister of Finance Yair Lapid, in his weekly update to Yesh Atid members

the first paragraph I quoted is just funny. the second is interesting in that he relates to the Kippa Sruga community as being not-Orthodox, as being an alternate stream of Judaism. He probably should have used the word "Haredi" instead of "Orthodox", but that is what he said..

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  1. As he was writing in Hebrew, I highly doubt he said "Orthodox."

  2. actually he did. he wrote "רבנים אורטדוקסיים"

  3. Considering that almost the next thing that happened is Weinstein starting a push to draft religious girls and to extend the time for the boys serving in Hesder Yeshivot to 3 years (I notice he doesn't mention Arabs) I somehow think the reaction Lapid is mocking is less a lot less paranoid and hysterical than anyone realizes.

  4. When you realize how naive Lapid is then this is not surprising. Did you ever see the video where he's quoted talking about our 4 avos. He confused forefathers with four fathers. He doesn't have a high school diploma. He's like many charedim - unaware of his own ignorance.

  5. i agree with him. porush (or should we start calling him emilene) should have been left there.
    what a chillul hashem
    compare the contirved bufoonary of the loony lepers in the kneset with the kiddush hashem , rabbi sacka managed to create at his farewell dinner- princes.prime ministers queueing to praise him.
    no wonder we're in such a mess here


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