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Jul 22, 2013

Government to cover damages to Egged buses that run advertisements with pictures of women

Egged's decision last year to not use imagery of women, followed by no imagery of men, followed by no imagery of aliens, on bus advertisements in Jerusalem, has never been found to be satisfactory to the government and the courts. Egged is expected to act in Jerusalem the way it acts around the country, and include images of men, women and whatever else in the advertisements on its buses.

To that end, Egged has been negotiating with the government on a solution. It seems like a temporary solution, for a trial period, will be that Egged will run the advertisements as necessary, including with pictures of women, and in case damage is done to the buses, the government will cover the expenses of the damage. This is only for a trial period, and the government insists on it being clear that it holds no responsibility to paying for such damages - all such responsibility would only be Egged's. Despite that they are willing to guarantee on a trial basis coverage of the costs.
(source: Globes)

I would guess the reason is because they expect there will not really be that much damage done, and such a guarantee will get the advertising running and Egged will see they have simply been afraid of their own shadows.

Greater than subsidizing the repairs and covering the damage, the government, via the police, should make an extra effort to catch any vandals and stick them with the bill.

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1 comment:

  1. Sticking the vandals with the bills will likely just be taking from one pocket instead of the other. Anyone deranged enough to damage others' property is almost certainly living on Government handouts already.


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