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Jul 30, 2013

Protests against archaeological digging at Shaar Ga'Gai (video)

during road works by the Shar Ha'Gai interchange, supposedly a couple of graves were found. While, from what I have read, it is not yet known if they are Jewish or not (it seems other graves found in the past in the area have been determined to be Muslim), the Asra Kadisha wants to control the situation and a few of its people went down to protest and to try to stop the work..

I was impressed how the thing that scared off the protesters the most was the female police officer. I was impressed that she kept her distance and did not grab him when she was able to, just stayed in front of him to keep him back...

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  1. Who pays these ppl?

  2. the asra kadisha organization charges good money to kablanim for supervision services, as well as when graves are found they charge good money to resolve the situation...

  3. they are government appointed in some way, or just really good at intimidation and "protection"?
    I just wonder how they resolved all the atikot in RBS 4 & 5 so easily....

  4. they are not government appointed. they are private. in bet Shemesh, Mayor Abutbol said all construction would be supervised by them. somehow they got the contract.


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