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Jul 31, 2013

Some people are just idiots

Some people are just idiots.

Some people just were not raised right.

photo taken from Gil Tevet's twitter account

picture on all Israeli news media today

The first picture posted above is of some idiot not raised right who is having a barbecue on the monument established in memory of Udi Goldwasser and Eldad Regev , soldiers who were abducted by Lebanon-Hezbollah that led to the Second Lebanon War. Not only is he barbecuing and picnicking on the memorial site, he is using the metal parts of the memorial itself to open his bottle of beer. Maybe his being such an idiot is the reason he is out picnicking all by himself...

The second picture above is of a group of teens (some news sites say families, but I only teens in the picture), also idiots - even bigger idiots than most teenagers - swimming in the memorial established in memory of the 73 victims of the tragic helicopter crash in the village of She'ar Yashuv 16 years ago. The plaques in the water bear the names of the victims.

According to reports, passers-by told the swimmers that the place is a memorial and they should be sensitive to the emotions of the families of the victims and stop swimming there, to which the one of the swimmers responded that they know what the place is and they have no problem swimming. The proper memorial is to light candles and say tehillim, which is what we do, while water does nothing to lift up the neshama of the dead and there is nothing holy about the site. He then told the kids to continue swimming, saying "I pay taxes just like you and will do what I want here".

In another instance, the other day a woman was reportedly spat upon in Ashdod when passing near a yeshiva while dressed immodestly. The yeshiva is located in a general area, not the center of the haredi neighborhood (not that that would justify it either, but in this instance she was in her own area).

The incident has been defended by people saying she was wrong for walking that way, even though she is there every day, according to reports, taking her sister to the kindergarten nearby, because once the yeshiva was built in their neighborhood, everybody around has to conform to favor the preferences of the yeshiva. According to some people, only religious people have rights, which they rightfully demand to be afforded, and must be treated with respect, but other people do not have the right to be treated with basic human dignity.

Some people are just idiots.

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  1. Sigh...you're right. That was my exact reaction when I saw this.

  2. ... yes, but why was Israel blessed with so many of them? :-)

  3. Rafi, I think Israelis (and me) prefer practical memorials and not just stam stones. Stones are for cemeteries, memorials should be places that encourage some benefit like having people say brachot on food, or a nice place to read a book, or learn a masechet.


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