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Jul 15, 2013

Prayer for soldiers changed to include Yeshiva students

According to Ladaat, the Chief Rabbi of Acco, Rav Yosef Yashar, has come up with an idea to strengthen the concept of the Torah learning being the true protection of the Jewish nation, in light of the decision to use criminal sanctions on those who will avoid the draft in favor of learning Torah.

Rav Yashar's idea is to amend the prayer for the soldiers of the IDF and include in it the yeshiva students and all those who learn Torah. He has called on those shuls around town in Acco that say the prayer for the soldiers to now say the amended prayer.

If you want the nusach of the tefilla, this is it:

There is already a nusach that is meant to be vague and pareve enough to include both the soldiers and the Torah learners, or whichever one wants to have in mind. I think the nusach is credited to Rav Neventzahl. It says the Mi She'beirach to all the "defenders of Eretz Yisrael". Some shuls say it as a compromise of sorts. This is different in the sense that it is explicit, while the pareve nusach is more vague.

I wonder now that the bnei torah will be explicitly stated in the tefilla if the haredi kehillos will also start saying the tefilla... I also wonder how many shuls in Acco will adopt the new nusach as per the Chief Rabbi's instructions..

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  1. for those who can read, yikum purkan predats them all..

  2. Sorry - this makes no sense at all.

  3. And when a yeshiva guys comes home from the beis medrish he should say a birchat hagomel.

  4. Sure... let's include Yeshiva Bachurim. After all they are in harm's way every day... no different than the soldiers. Think about how many Yeshiva Bachurim have been 'picked off' by snipers in combat on their way to Shacharis every morning... or stepped on land mines while crossing enemy lines in the Beis HaMedrash. Kudos to Rav Yashar. If anyone needs a prayer for protection, Yeshiva Bachurim do! I'm sure that's why he put them first in his Teffilah - ahead of the soldiers.

  5. Let's discuss this tefilah after the yeshiva bochurim who reject military service for anyone start saying a brachah for the soldiers who defend the medinah. And while they are at that, let them throw in Hadassah Hospital that heals their leaders, social services that funds their families, the power company that runs their lighting, and a few other things.


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