Dec 12, 2013

Pictures of the Day

There are so many great weather-related pictures posted all around the Internet today that it is hard to choose a picture of the day.. The standard pictures of snow and flooding and rainbows are great and beautiful, but here are a few that are not just standard...

the electricity was out because of the weather in Kiryat Gat, but that did not stop the boys from learning...

snow at 770? why would that interest us? Nope. This is snow at the 770 replica in Jerusalem..

the doorman..

rainbow right over City Hall of Bet Shemesh? are there or are there not homosexuals in Bet Shemesh?

this is out by Har Bracha

the Hermon

other random shots from around..

are the birds enjoying?

not Shabbos just yet, but it will probably still be snowy then as well..

R' Snowvadia

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