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Sep 30, 2014

Boycotting a life saving device

An interesting BDS dilemma..

the South African government is considering the purchase of an Israeli device that will literally save lives. The device is one used in circumcisions, and it will save lives of young South Africans who might otherwise die from botched circumcision ceremonies.

On the other hand, they feel they must boycott anything that comes from Israel.
source: Yahoo News

hmmm.. BDS or save lives?

I wouldn't be angry if they showed some integrity and said they cannot make an exception. Unfortunately it would mean more needless deaths... It is easy to boycott products you don't need anyway. The boycott is only really effective if you boycott the products even when you do need them.

On the other hand, the entire boycott is silly, and they probably use plenty of Israeli products they most likely are not even aware of.. such as chips in cellphones, laptops, plenty of other medical devices, etc.

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