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Sep 23, 2014

Reform services on Rosh Hashana upset city councilmen

Haredi councilmen in Jerusalem are upset over some holiday services planned by the Reform synagogue in bet HaKerem...

The synagogue sent out an invitation for participation in Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services, and it includes some other events, such as tashlich by a spring, and it tells the invitees to bring food and make a picnic.

Being that the services are going to be held in a public building, a community center, there is some sort of implicit support by City Hall, though the City denies any involvement in the programming or the funding..
source: Kikar

Personally I think they are getting upset about nothing. There is no statement about bringing barbecues and publicly roasting meat on Rosh Hashana or Yom Kippur. it just says to bring food to tashlich. Maybe that is potato chips and sandwiches or cut up vegetables and fruit.

However, if it is a barbecue, and becomes something more of a public display of chilul rosh hashana or eating publicly on yom kippur (though the invitation makes no reference to food, music and yom kippur), then I dont see why it should be treated any differently, at minimum, than the people who ignore sirens on Yom HaShoah and bbq in the park - and they get attacked annually in the media.

We cannot always control what other people do.. and I don't know why we want to...

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  1. Making a barbecue is NOT chillul yom tov - it is perfectly OK to cook on yom tov, including Rosh Hashanah.

    1. True. So what could they do in public that would justifiably be upsetting? Extinguish the bbq?

  2. No surprises here, just the continual chipping away at Torah, and making the so called "Reform" movement more and more accepted.

    Notice the email contact address. Tamir Nir, who (according to Wikipedia) is a City Councilmember of Rachel Azaria's party. (Yet on the Jerusalem.muni.il site he is not listed). Tamir lives in Bet HaKerem, and I thought was a student at HUC. Azaria's party website said he is learning at Schechter (Conservative affiliated).

    How many Tamirs live in Bet HaKerem? A connection? Possibly, not sure.

    Bet HaKerem is the neighborborhood which resisted Shappel's Yeshiva from moving in. The compromise was that they had to call it a "college" and not a yeshiva. A block away is the local schul. Bet HaKerem now has a miqweh, but not sure how long it's been there.

    Not sure why Tamir isn't listed on the Iriyah's site. There are only 30 members listed. Perhaps he's the 31st. He is supposed to rotate out soon, according to an internal party agreement. Rabbi Aharon Leibowitz (Nachla'oth) will take his place.


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