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Sep 14, 2014

SMS for speeding

Those cameras all over the roads of Israel that Waze calls "Speed trap ahead", that are catching people speeding and running red lights, will now also send SMS messages to offending drivers.

The message will tell the driver where he was caught on camera, when he was caught, and this will give him the opportunity to go photograph the area, if relevant, note down any thoughts or issues, and whatever else might be relevant in case the driver wants to appeal a ticket.

Sometimes you get a ticket in the mail, and you have no recollection of what it is for, taking away your ability to appeal the ticket.  This will give the driver a better opportunity to prepare for his eventual possible appeal, as he will be able to prepare practically right when it happens and record whatever he feels necessary for his future appeal.

In addition to installing more cameras around Israel's network of roads, and the new system of sending SMS messages to drivers, they also announced that they are considering lowering the speed gap - it is known that the police allow up to 15km above the limit before ticketing a driver. They may now lower that to ticketing at close to the posted speed. This will also make it more difficult to appeal tickets for speeding, as that gap will be officially closed. This will also create some added deterrence, and will cause drivers to slow down to avoid the tickets.
source: Maariv

Sounds cool.

1. when I receive an SMS from some police camera telling me I sped and should stop to take a picture or record my evidence and arguments, will I get a ticket for reading the SMS? will I be able to sue the police for causing an accident, if God forbid one should happen because of the SMS? (obviously not)

2. how will they know who the driver is and what his phone number is to send the SMS?

3. what if the driver has a kosher phone and cannot receive SMS? will the "kosher phone community" complain they are being discriminated against?

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1 comment:

  1. Lol really funny your question! I didn't think about reading the sms while driving. But you are right the biggest question is how will they know who the driver is and what his phone number is to send the SMS? Hope we will have more information about that...


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