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Sep 30, 2014

Eyal Cohen on The Vice (video)

I have absolutely no idea or understanding how this show works, but I am happy to see Eyal Cohen is doing well and advancing...

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  1. four famous musical mentors chose 14 talented singers. these are eliminated gradually. he is in the Final 3 for each of the mentors, who will now be eliminated not by the mentors, but by the vote of the public...

    he , a Settler , was davka chosen by arch leftist/atheist Aviv Gefen......[who previously had ofir ben shitrit , the nominally O young lady who was banned from her school for the public kol isha issue ]

  2. I actually very much like this kind of 'reality' show since the main competitors actually need great talent, perhaps previously untapped, and as the competitors stay in the competition and surive the weekly cuts, they are in a crash course of learning music and entertainment. The mentors also have a vested interest for their prestige, so they are assumed to make a lot of effort to nurture their team members with their extensive performing experience. Certainly, there is an issue about rating and pushing the show in a certain direction, but nonetheless, there are always some competitors that are actually counter rating (not the prettiest people or perhaps on the chunky side) and that is also a part of the show format to show how amateurs can go from nobodies singing in the shower to decent performers.in front of hundreds and thousands of people.
    I think that Eyal had been just a regular joe in a wedding band, but is now getting a crash course from one of the top Israeli entertainers, despite the extreme different in political opinion. I assume that the winners become under contract to the show to perform afterwards, and they also get exposed to the public and advanced music school degree.


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