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Sep 21, 2014

the Rabbanut helps the Zebu make a comeback!

About 10 years ago we had the big debate over the lashrut of the zebu. The zebu is some type of cattle that is like a cow but has some sort of a hump on its back, differentiating it from the normal ox and cows we are familiar with.

A debate was raised if it is kosher or not. Some kashrut organizations were machmir and said that despite having the signs of a kosher animal, we do not have a tradition for the zebu and therefore it should not be eaten. Other organizations argued, basically saying that either 1. no such tradition is needed or 2. we have a tradition as we have been slaughtering these animals for a long time.

Since that controversy, or argument, we all went back to being ignorant consumers and never again heard of the zebu, just like we had not heard of it before that eruption in the headlines of the argument.

The zebu is now making a comeback!

In the latest kashrut update issued by the Rabbanut, the zebu makes an appearance!

They announce that in recent imports from Argentina, by a company called Masterfood, the kashrut label includes the phrase "clear of any suspicion of inclusion of zebu meat". The Rabbanut explains, the Zebu is an animal that is kosher lchatchila to eat, and its slaughter is permitted even according to the standards of the mehudar shechita and chalak of the Rabbanut.

The Rabbanut also says that despite the implications of such a statement on the label, there is no problem with the meat, and the importer has been instructed to remove this from the label, and he has so agreed to.

Will this reawaken the zebu debate?

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  1. Almost a little scary. Looking at it reminds one a little of a camel. Somewhere, somehow there must have been some inbreeding but the new animal took on the two halachic traits of chewing its cud and the cloven hoof. but would recommend 'steering' clear of it.

    1. I would appreciate if you would explain your reasoning for "steering" clear.
      Shana Tova

  2. Anon#2; Think Anon #1 was making sort of a joke (a pun on the word, 'steering'). Steer is another word for cattle. It also means to stay clear of, stay away. Meaning - stay away from this strange looking animal, in regards to eating it.
    Shana Tova.


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