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Sep 14, 2014

Haredim to serve instead of conscientious objectors

I am not so sure the reservists of unit 8200, a unit that is part of the Intelligence Corps, who have stated their intentions to refuse calls to duty because "intelligence is an integral part of Israel's military occupation over the territories" and not free of moral dilemmas, as is commonly thought.

Obviously this has created a ruckus in Israel.

Do they have a right to? do they not have a right to? are they extreme leftists? are they worse than x or not?

There is a lot that is debatable about this situation.

I think a soldier should have the right, or perhaps "should be obligated to" is the more accurate term, to refuse orders if he receives orders that are either illegal or immoral.

I do not know if there can be a clear definition as to what is a moral or immoral order. Obviously there must be some leeway for a person's personal beliefs. On the other hand, an army has to function, and if all soldiers could decide for themselves what they agree to do and what they refuse to do, the army would not function.

This perhaps highlights the need for consideration of the possibility that perhaps Israel has reached the stage where it no longer requires the draft and can, or should, move to a different form of army. Perhaps a professional army, perhaps volunteer, perhaps a limited draft of some sort... Between the increasing number of people and groups refusing to serve for various reasons and the social battle to force Haredim to serve when they don't want to for ideological reasons, perhaps it is time to open the discussion seriously as to whether the draft in its current format really serves Israels needs.

I would also expect that these soldiers will receive the same punishments as soldiers who were punished during the Disengagement for refusal to serve as conscientious objectors.

That being said, a large group of soldiers from 8200 sent a letter in response condemning the original letter of refusal. As well, a group of about 30 Haredi soldiers who have served in a Haredi division of 8200 have sent a letter saying that they would volunteer to serve in place of those soldiers who refused. I think that is worthy of notice. Kol hakavod to them!

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  1. I read this on 0404 too! G-d bless them.

  2. A good way of cleaning out the IDF of its leftists and those who are traitorous to the Jewish people. May every soldier in the IDF be a G-D fearing Jew who knows he's there because he is part of Hashem's army.


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