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Sep 18, 2014

Gideon Saar is resigning from politics (video)

last night's shocker announcement..

the rumors swirl - scandal brewing? personal reasons? positioning for a better future return? fighting with Bibi? who knows... Saar will be missed. He was a politician that was well liked..

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1 comment:

  1. It wasn't just an issue of being liked, but rather respected and admired - something that is missing in our political landscape. Likud politicians generally did not and do not get the media attention and good publicity that left-wing people do, so Gideon Saar was able (there is some advantage to not being in the media) to slowly rise up the ranks of the Likud by working hard. Maybe I voted for Likud once in the past, and do not vote for them now, but IMO, Likud plays a very important part of the leadership of the country and IMO, Saar was/is one of the only people able to replace Netanyahu as the next PM. He bridge/d the gap between the older generation of Netanyahu and the newer generation of rising stars who IMO are still not mature or experienced enough to lead. Saar is one of the type of politicians that has more on the 'doing' side of the scale than on the 'talking' side of the scale.

    I hope he is not going to Cahlon, that will be a stupid mistake. Forming a new party will also be a dumb mistake. I hope it is not about some unfortunate scandal either.


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