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Sep 23, 2014

Rejecting the rule of law

Like always, some people like the latest decision by the Supreme Court, and some hate it. The court decided to annul parts of the law that dealt with the migrant workers.

The law allowed the government to put the workers in a gated compound for up to a year without any legal proceedings.

Among others complaining, Gideon Saar expressed his feelings that the Supreme Court should be limited in their authority over laws such as illegal migrant workers. Others also lobbed criticism at the Supreme Court for its making an open invitation for illegals to enter the country with no ramifications. the current law has dissuaded migrants from coming,, and the number of those leaving Israel has tripled since last year because of it, but this will likely stem that tide.

I just want to note that when others reject Supreme Court decisions, or those of other courts, they are lambasted for rejecting the rule of law.

Everybody seems to do it regarding laws that they are interested in, or more directly affected by.

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