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Sep 17, 2014

Safot disappoints me

The latest complaints by the administration of the Safot vTarbuyot school disappoint me. They are nitpicking and cannot seem to move on.

The courts ruled that the mayor had the right to move the Mishkenot Daas school into the empty part of the building (with conditions and qualifications), but Safot can't seem to come to terms with that.

The latest complaint was that the City removed the dividing wall that was outside in the courtyard, but the inside wall had not been removed.

The City responded that they had already discussed it and coordinated with the school administration a time to remove the inside wall.

The City then removed the inside wall.

Then Safot complained that the Mishkenot school put an ad hoc divider up, using tables and chairs.

Personally,. I dont see what the big deal is. Why can't, or why shouldn't there be a [temporary] divider between the schools. Do the kids have to mingle? Do kids from other schools mingle with kids from other schools during school hours? It might not be a bad thing, but is it really such a big deal or is it really so important to insist on leaving it open? It makes more sense to me to close it off, but even if it must be open, why fight about such a minor detail?

Considering how much we have all heard of the Safot school, their education towards excellence, their gifted program, their high level, I am surprised they are so busy acting like little children (little children in a normal school, I might add, rather than children in a gifted school)

dangerous? perhaps. this is something that easily could have been worked out without going to the press or to issuing complaints and threats.

It is time to grow up.

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  1. If Mishkenot wants a divider up, and have Safot do it themselves, they should encourage their students to mingle with the Safot kids. As much as everyone talks about unity, etc., no one wants their kids to be around Chareidim.

  2. The issue is that access to Safot's girl's bathroom is being blocked and hence the boys and girls are forced to share the same bathroom.

  3. Students in other schools don't mingle because they're in entirely separate facilities. But when they're in the same building, I would hope they could show some civility and derech eretz to each other. I think that includes sharing the hallways, not erecting unsafe, ugly barriers, and even (gasp!) saying 'shalom' as they pass in the hall.

    Imagine how much good the frum kids could do by just being civil. This is a great educational opportunity being missed.

  4. I don't understand the issue with the divider.
    For the past 2 years, my daughter's religious high school in Modi'in is temporarily sharing a building with a non-religious high school, while their building is under construction.

    The two schools have separate entrances and there is a divider separating the two schools, this seems logical The two schools are independent of each other, teachers don't want students from a different school disturbing classes - e.g., if one school has a break, it would be very distracting to run a class if a group of students from a different school are running past the class.

  5. The story about the school in Modiin is normal, because it was co-ordinated to satisfaction of all, and nothing was heard about it in the press. Similarly in my son's school Etrog, 2 years ago, part so fthe school was partitioned off and used as classes for Ahavat Yisrael girls, again this was through co-operation and co-ordination, and was never heard of in the press. However, the forceful way the preocess was done in RBS at Safot disturbed many people, with no consideration to the existing school on the premises, completely lacked of course co-ordination and co-operation. It may be if the Iriya had decided to negotiate a solution acceptable to all, we may have been spared the ugly scenes we witnessed last week. As we come up to the Yamim HaNoraim, we need to consider each other's feelings, and that includes existing schools, and not force ourselves without any condieration on others who are not like us.

  6. http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4572441,00.html

    הגדר שהפרידה בין התלמידים החילונים לחרדיות כבר הוסרה, אך ההפרדה נשמרת: בפתח שירותי הבנות בבית הספר בבית שמש הוצבה סדרנית שאמונה למנוע ערבוב בין הבנות. ההורים זועמים: "זו אפליה בוטה"

  7. Did the press also report about the cut electricity?

  8. I didnt see anything about electricity cut (not that it means it wasnt reported). what happened?


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