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Sep 28, 2014

Tzaharons officially being reinstated after the holiday!

Good news regarding Tzahronim - afternoon day care for young children, for working parents.

To remind you, the budget was slashed in an effort to avoid raising taxes after the war. The Minister of Education applied his budget cut to the tzaharonim system. This raised an outcry, as working parents suddenly were stuck with either no afternoon daycare for the little kids or daycare that was too expensive to be worth the income.

After a debate in the Knesset committee responsible, a decision was arrived at that the tzaharonim should be reopened after the Sukkot holiday.

Today, Minister Shai Piron announced that the tzaharonim will be reinstated after Sukkot vacation, though in a slightly altered pay format.

To be brief, instead of being free as it was last year, the tzaharon will cost 90nis per child per month, totaling 900nis for the year per child. More details regarding the new format after Sukkot will be decided in the coming days.
source: TheMarker

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