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Sep 21, 2014

The most incompetent crook ever

The most incompetent thief ever has been discovered, and he is in Bet Shemesh.

He actually seems to have worked out a smart system for his theft, but for some unknown reason, he was pathetically incompetent at implementing it.

Some fellow working in the Misrad Hapnim branch in Bet Shemesh discovered a loophole in the system. He found that while it costs money, 115 NIS, to apply for a new identity card, it is free to get a new identity card if one claims his old one is worn out and needs to be replaced.

So, this fellow, a crook, would take payment from people for a new teudat zehut, a new identity card, and would then process their request as requesting a free replacement for an old and worn teudat zehut. He would then pocket the money.

The crook was caught, and after 17 years of working for the Ministry of Interior, he has been fired. The courts ruled he should be fired, but he will be allowed to apply for another public service job after a year will have passed, though he will be banned from working in the population registry offices for a period of 5 years..
source: Shopping

sounds like a great scam. so why do I call him an incompetent crook? because he was convicted of having stolen 805nis. That means he did this all of 7 times, and lost his job over it.

of course, he could have done this a hundred or a thousand times and they only discovered 7 incidents...

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