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Sep 28, 2014

esrog with a one year warranty!

This has got to be the best deal available for buying the 4 minim, the lulav and esrog (and others) for sukkos... it is a great price, depending on the quality of the merchandise of course, but it even comes with a one year warranty!

on Walla Shops

and, not only that, but you can split the 39nis price into 5 interest-free payments, or 36 maximum payments with interest! That is either 7.8nis per month for 5 months, or a little over a shekel a month (plus interest) for 3 years!

The deal is limited and will expire soon, so don't waste time.. decide quickly.. at this price, what could possibly be a reason not to buy?

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1 comment:

  1. A one-year warranty? Sounds like the building fine notices in chu"l where sukka-builders would have exactly one week to take their unlawful building off the roof etc.


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