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Sep 28, 2014

Rabbi discriminated against and not allowed to eat treif

a Rabbi claims to have been kicked out of a restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, after the owner discovered he was Jewish.

Rabbi Ted Riter also claims that the owner of the restaurant made a disparaging comment about Jews being cheap when he tried to order a salad.

It has come down to he said, he said. the rabbi says the owner insulted him with a racist comment and then threw him out, the restaurant owner says he doesn't know what anyone is talking about and nothing of the sort happened.
source: USA Today (with video)

Far be it from me to decide what happened, but I would suggest that if the good rabbi was thrown out (or even if he just thinks he was thrown out) of a treif restaurant 2 days before Rosh Hashana, perhaps he should not complain so much and consider that perhaps God was sending him a message...

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  1. Why do you insist on referring to such individuals as “rabbis??”

    Individuals who distort, play with, and deny parts of the Torah have a dubious din (status) at best, and they are called rabbis??

    In the future, I ask that at the very least you put the word rabbi in quotation marks or parentheses, or make some other sort of indication that "rabbi" is for clarification purposes only.

    I believe that you risk misleading some of your readers.

  2. NO! I enjoy Esser Agaroth's comments at other times, but I respectfully but forcefully disagree here.

    The only people and web sites that do that are the hard-nosed Chareidim, who take great pleasure in differentiating themselves not only from the non-Dati but also from everyone else who isn't exactly like them. "We are rabbis; no one else is. We have the truth; no one else does".

    It would be a terrible mistake if you joined them, Rafi.

    1. LI Reader, I think you make a good point. However, I don't believe that the Haredi approach you mention NOR the "call yourself whatever you want, and everyone else has to accept it" approach you sort of allude to (I don't want to put words in your mouth) is any good.

      Call who you think is a rabbi, "rabbi."

      There are plenty of "rabbis," to whom I do not refer as rabbis, regardless where they learned.

      I'm just saying that Rafi should do the same, and understand that unlike himself, most Jews in the U. S., particularly unaffiliated Jews do not exactly recognized that there is a difference in status between men who have learned at Torah veDas vs. HUC (להבדיל). I believe that he (we) have a responsible to be clear about this, to be clear about the truth (whatever you happen to believe that truth is).

      BTW, you like my comments? You mean because you find them entertaining? ;-)

  3. I too enjoy Essers comments and always look forward to seeing his unique perspective on the topics I write about... that being said, you might notice that for years already Esser has been on my case about topics like calling these rabbi "rabbi" and other similar situations, and I have yet to change.

    For Esser, I would note that Rav Moshe Feinstein in his teshuvos also calls them rabbi. I might not be using the word in the same vein he did (derogatory), but the word itself associated with them isnt necessarily a problem

  4. I hate to ask what exactly you mean by "enjoy.: :-/

    Not a problem?

    I ask that you rethink this. I still very much believe that you are misleading your readers, and even endorsing anti-torah views, by using an honorific.

    Of course, Rabbi Feinstein's ztz"l use of this term is his correctly derogatory manner is not in the least bit shayach here.

    I'm pretty disappointed in your response.

    1. I enjoy your comments because I enjoy reading opinions different than mine. I often learn new things from unique opinions, and definitely see different perspectives - and that is something important to me, and I enjoy such material. Even if I dont always agree, I still enjoy being exposed to the ideas and thoughts.

  5. I'm not surprised Esser, that you are "pretty disappointed" in Rafi's response. I unfriended him on fb not because he doesn't "mean it well", he does, but because he just doesn't get it. In preventing predictables, this is not more starting the year with lashon hara than declaring that "not all men are created with equal intellectual capacities" is lashon hara.

  6. Rafi, is there a possibility to add some module to the comments so that we can thumbs up or thumbs down individual comments :-)

  7. I also am not surprised that Josh wants to thumb up and down individual comments, just like Roman emperors liked to thumb up and down their often Jewish-slave gladiators' lives. Personally, for this reason, I don't even like liking so much on fb.

  8. What about smileys?
    The like or dislike is merely a modern, lazy / efficient way to show support or not for a post or comment. If I could, I would like your comment as well :-)

  9. The whole idea behind the Jewish People, the Children of Israel if you like Josh, is not to go along, to stand up to "modern, lazy / efficient ways" of doing things. The problem is not that these things are not "modern, lazy / efficient ways" to do things, indeed they are, but that they are not "Jewish". We do, or better, we should be doing things differently respect of the goyim, the nations and according to our Book this is why G-d gave us this specific little Land: To be able to do our Jewish things without the interference of the corruption of the nations. Smily. :)


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