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Sep 15, 2014

Egyptian Political Scientist: The Jews Must Return Gold Stolen from Egypt during the Exodus (video)

we've done this so many times in the past. does each one of these Egyptian idiots who proposes this think he is coming up with a new idea?

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  1. I could be wrong but is there not a statue of limitations for "theft." In the US it's 7 years, but someone I think 4,000 years is a little too late to make any claims (especially since Egypt & Israel were friends, frenemies & foes during this period).

    Also factor in that King Solomon was the son in law to a Pharoah (he married an Egyptian princess) & you would have thought that issue would have been brought up then.

  2. Also, adding further to this scam, the Egyptians of today have no connection to the ancient Egyptians. Egypt is just another Arab country and its citizens are Arabs and have no connection to the ancient Egyptians. The Copts who claim to be the descendants of those ancient Egyptians are a minority today. Besides which the gold, etc. taken by the Jews were 'legally' due them because they were slaves for the Egyptians for 210 years, with great suffering, being murdered and their children (babies) being used to fill the bricks and other such horrors. In other words, the Jews could never be repaid enough for what they endured by the hands of the ancient Egyptians.


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