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Sep 21, 2014

Gone the way of the horse and buggy

Israel is now one step closer toward becoming a first world country..

Today, the Economic Committee of the Knesset approved a ban proposal submitted by Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz. Katz wanted to ban wagons pulled by animals in cit and intercity streets. Such methods of transportation can still be used in the roads of moshavim and kibbutzim. Wagons pulled by donkeys or horses are still commonly used by the alte achen people, though our alte zachen guy in Bet Shemesh uses a small truck, no donkeys or horses.

What about those tourist trap events, as we find all over the world, where one can take a ride in a horse-drawn wagon? The local municipality, in coordination with local police authorities, will be able to give special permits for such  wagons for entertainment purposes.

Katz says using animals in such a manner causes a danger for drivers and pedestrians, as well as causing traffic jams. Another concern is that the animals used for these purposes are not cared for properly, can spread disease, and it is cruel to use them in this fashion and not care for them.
source: INN


Soon we will have all animals out of our streets and public areas. No more chickens for kapparot in the streets, and now no more horse and buggy meandering through our towns.... By hook or by crook we will pull our people into the first world!

we used to say something went the way of the dodo bird. now we can say it went the way of the horse and buggy..

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