Mar 7, 2021

Has Lieberman gone off the rails?

I dont get Avigdor Lieberman.

Until now he sort of made sense, from his perspective. He picked an idea to stand strong on, and he stuck with it no matter what anyone else threw at him. Fair enough. I can disagree with his extreme position, but that's the position he took and he stuck with it. And all the time he is talking about an alternative government, with him, Lapid, Saar and Bennett. Just these parties are unlikely to have enough to form a coalition, so presumably some other parties would need to be relied on to join their coalition (in Lieberman's mind, not talking about Lapid's mind or Saar's or Bennett's).

Today Lieberman got even more extreme. I think. That I am aware of.

Lieberman today said that learning Torah is important and is a blessed thing to have avreichim learning Torah, but it should be done at his own expense. Lieberman said that "by me (ie in my government) that were be absolutely no budget for avreichim at all - they wont get one shekel"

It is fine that he is taking that stand, but what government does he think is going to be formed with such a policy? Does eh really think Lapid, Bennett and Saar are going to agree to this, let alone other parties that might be needed to fill out a coalition? 

Maybe I am wrong and maybe this was his position all along over the past couple of years, but to me it sounds more extreme and less realistic than previously.

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