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Nov 20, 2022

10 FREE Things To Do Do in Jerusalem (video)

I wouldnt do the church stuff but the rest of it is great

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  1. My own rebbe taught us that so long as services aren't being conducted at that moment, entering a church as a tourist is OK.

    1. interesting. I never heard that

    2. Well, if actual services are held in, say, the Sistine Chapel a few times a year, it's more a museum than a church, no? And then you can keep going, in true halakhic fashion: An hour out of twenty-four?

      Add to that that it's not universally agreed that Christianity is avoda zara (for non-Jews), and you've got a few sfek sfekot there.

      It *is* avoda zara for Jews; hence not being there during masses.

  2. I heard he's a Messianic Jew?


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