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Nov 9, 2022

anti-internet leader arrested for child pornography

Zaakah, no relation to Zaka (the org of volunteers of people who clean up body parts in the aftermath of terror attacks and handle other forms of kvod hameis issues around the world, is an organization that helps survivors of sexual violence and seeks justice for them and advocates for survivors of child sexual abuse.

Zaakah announced on their FB page that Zev Steen, a Baltimore resident, was arrested for the possession and distribution of child pornography. You can get more information off their post. Steen was a teacher in the Bnos Yisroel high school in Baltimore. Additionally, Steen is the CEO of MirageID, a tech company that specializes in preventing you from being tracked online. I guess his own software helped keep him safe for a long time but ultimately they figured it out and caught him.

The main point though is that Steen was also the Director of Tag International Baltimore office. TAG, if you are not aware, is the Technology Awareness Group - an organization that, as they say, stands at the forefront in the battle against the nisayon of technology. They have been behind many of the conferences against internet and smartphone use and also push for installation of filters and the like when internet is necessary.

Once again, someone at the forefront of extremism in tzniyus turns out personally to be a creep, a pervert and himself a degenerate dealing in the worst of what technology has to offer. Maybe he did not use TAG himself for his own internet use, or maybe he used his own company's services to get around the TAG filtering and monitoring, but while he was fighting against Internet use and telling everybody about how bad it can be, he himself was wallowing in the worst of it. Maybe it was all just research for how necessary organizations like TAG are. Maybe he could scream at everyone else because he knew how bad it actually is.

Without accusing anybody of anything if we do not know, it is already not unusual that the loudest and most extreme on these issues turn out to be actual creeps and pervs.

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  1. It makes sense that someone with a strong Yeter Horah for a forbidden activity would be at the forefront of the battle to restrict access to the activity.

    If someone knows he has a strong alcohol addiction, and has an internal battle every time he walks past a liquor store at night, it would not be surprising if that person was a leading force in restricting sales of alcohol - much more than someone who never drinks and has no Yetzer Hara to drink, who doesn't face a challenge when they see such a store,

    Similarly, if someone is battling gambling or porn addiction, they would be the key beneficiaries of legislation or technology that would help them fight their addiction, and would appreciate the importance of such legislation or technology much more than someone who does not have a computer, or who does not have a battle with their Yetzer Hara on these particular activities.

  2. And this is in line with the big abuse story in Israel today.


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