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Nov 14, 2022

Picture of the Day

The wives of the coalition heads of the incoming coalition (potential) had a get together, a soiree of sorts, hosted by Sara Netanyahu. Everyone is flipping out a bit because ITamar Ben Gvir's wife, Ayala, came to the party with a pistol holstered to her hip. Ayala Ben Gvir is there right next to Sara Netanyahu. If you look closely you can see it (zoomed picture below)

zoomed in:


I dont know what the big deal is, but people are shocked by it. To remind you, the Ben Gvir family lives in Hebron and has to deal with actual danger and threats to their lives on a regular basis... That being said, it is somewhat surprising that the Netanyahu security detail did not make her deposit her gun at the entrance as happens in many places and government buildings...

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  1. I went to a wedding in Israel recently. More than 1 guest, and some of those definitely not RW
    nuts, were armed. No one said anything and nothing bad happened.

  2. I live in a yishuv close to Kiryat Arba. She needs that gun on the roads. Honestly. I don't have a license yet but told my husband that when I get one, I want a gun license too. The situation on the Har Hevron roads is truly scary.

  3. What is more interesting is that this picture of spouses of coalition partners only includes women, as the heads of all the coalition partners are men. And Sarah is the only one who does not cover her hair - this picture reflects a very different type of coalition from what Israel has ever seen before, and the gun is the least interesting detail in the picture.

    1. I was wondering where Smotiritch's wife is

  4. Bibi has not spoken yet to Smotrich, and until the husband do and Bezalel knows what he is getting, I imagine his wife won't go to Sara.


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