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Nov 27, 2022

Israeli journalists discovered America

In Israel there is an idiom in Israel that goes "גילה את אמריקה" - he discovered America. The expression is used when someone discovers or realizes something that is obvious and known to everyone else. He discovered America.

Israeli journalists are writing articles all over the place about their lousy experiences in Qatar covering the World Cup. They talk about how they are mistreated, about how the Arabs, along with fans from other countries, hate them and treat them as lower class and are hostile to them. 

The Israeli journalists seem to have just discovered America. Did they really think we are beloved throughout the world, and throughout the Arab world, just because we have a normalization agreement with Dubai? We have peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan and they still mostly hate us in those countries, does anyone really expect us to be beloved in other countries that are officially still hostile to us? 

It makes me wonder what reality these journalists are living in.

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  1. "It makes me wonder what reality these journalists are living in."

    The world created in their head. That's the problem in a nutshell.

  2. You can't really generalize. With Dubai, Bahrain and Morocco it does seem to be genuine. I don't expect anyone else to love us. Not Qataris, Saudis, Iraquis. Although it is important to build personal relationships. I mean don't burst into a room saying we are Israelis and expect to be loved. Build a relationship with someone, and when the connection is made, say by the way, I am Israeli. Then they will realise that we are also human.

  3. The expression "גילה את אמריקה" is a expression in yiddish too. My inlaws z"l used it all the time.

    1. how do you say it in Yiddish?

    2. Was going to respond but I see ״איך מיין״ already answered you. My in-laws used to just say the two words alone
      ״אנטדעקט אמעריקא"

  4. ער האט אנטדעקט אמעריקא


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